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March 2018 RAT Brag Board

By ratagility

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Photo by Bill at Latitude Photography

March 2018 RAT Members Brags!

Ann Seethoff and Jack

Jack earned his first Novice Regular Q and took first yesterday at the NADAC Fund Raiser in Mount Vernon even with a Jones’ moment!!!  Of course it is my dog who spies Chris’s GoPro at end of the ring.  Visions of Jones’ fixation on the end of the survey tape, spots of sunlight, feathers, birds in his younger days came back to me.  Thank goodness Jack came back immediately and picked up where he left off.  The little guy is thinking, listening, coming back to be leashed up and waiting patiently for his turn!  I can’t thank RAT members enough for all of the support, encouragement and cheers when things go right, almost right and not so well.  The best part is hearing the cheers for the Jack!  Thank you all!  I can’t imagine a better way to spend a weekend.
Anne Seethoff, Jack and Roo

Jack with Ribbons


Ann with Ribbons

  Cheryl Parker, Samm and Cooper – Hooray!!!


Samm: C-ATCH #1 Cooper: CS-ATCH – officially retired! (I swear!) Cheryl: Passed Physician Assistant Boards for the last time!


Sally Nickelson and Steed


Steed and I managed to get 11 Qs out of 12 Runs at the Elma CPE trial! Even managed Qs in both Snooker runs. We may have managed to finally break the Snooker curse!

March Top Dog Trial Catch List

Karen & Cello C-ATCH 2,
Cheryl & Cooper CS-ATCH,
Karen & Beemer C-ATCH 3,
Tanya & Indy CS-ATCH 11,
Cheryl & Samm C-ATCH and
Angie & Tully CT-ATCH 6.

Melinda Jenkins and Maurie

Maurie got her ATCH at the BLAST – ASCA trial, February 17. Jill was her handler and has been her Gambler Handler for several months now. Jill Wolfard, great friend and awesome handler. Sandra was the judge. I was so excited and cheering from the sidelines (actually managed to get a video). Jill did the victory run with her because she got the final piece for her ATCH.
Maurie's Atch
Thank you to Jill Wolfard for the beautiful handling, to Sandra Katzen for the great courses, and to Tina Sands and Diana Hefti for this awesome sweet girl.

RAT ASCA Trial  recap by Lynn Chase

A big trial (just under 900 runs) and mother nature gave us gorgeous weather. Trial Chair Susan Perry was handicapped with hip pain, but soldiered on. (fixed on 22 March with a new one!) Connie Wyma, with a broken leg, arranged to get her dog Ruby an ATCH using “pro” handler Jill Wilford. Sue Graham, a judging favorite for us, came back a provided super courses and bon ami. Sue Grigsby and Splash were awarded another ATCH (#17!)