RAT November ASCA trial

Jill Wolfard

Our last ASCA trial of the year is now a memory.  Without dedicated committee and club members, this trial would not be possible.   Even though putting on a trial is a lot of work, it can be rewarding watching a wonderful group of folks come together to play with their dogs and support fellow competitors.  ASCA has always been a wonderful venue and it's great RAT continues to support us.   I hope all chairs are able to brag about their incredible committee members.  I know thank you may seem like simple words but they are heartfelt.  So many stepped up and went above and beyond to help the trial run very smoothly.  Sherry Bodin Secretary and all around extraordinare, Connie Wyma, chief course builder (thank you to Connie's husband Alden for providing extra muscle), Melinda Jenkins chief ring steward (at some point the personal worker invitations will be engraved), Lynn Chase awards (thanks for the pretty new ribbon design), Jeanne Skorenko raffle, Mike Vorkapich Equipment Manager, Tim Evan timers, Anne Seethoff and Jill Seward Hospitality (thank you for wonderful hot delicious meals), Lisa Omalanz judges hospitality,  Patti Cavin - Scorekeeper etc,  and of course Teddi Bottinger and Cathy Percy for not only hauling the trailer but with the trial setup.  

Kudos to everyone that made the trial a simply wonderful experience.   

Jill Wolfard

NOTE: Due to ASCA Nationals being in early November,  Beth Gideon has graciously agreed to switch weekends with us next year.  Mark your calendars for November 23 & 24 2019.  Yes two days just for 2019.  2020 will go back to the old weekend.