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By Rainier Agility Team

Rainier Agility Team's "Sweetheart Trial" is open for entries!

This is a two-ring NADAC trial to be held February 2-3 at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. The judges will be our very own local Susan Perry, as well as Murrelet Halterman.

Continuing RAT's celebration of 25 years of NADAC agility, runs are priced at $10.00 each until the trial closing date of January 22. After that, runs will go to $12.00 per run and we will also have day-of-entries available for all of you procrastinators at $12.00 per run.

This trial will have the first dog on the line for competition at 9 AM.

If you haven't tried NADAC before, or have not played at a NADAC trial for a while, there are some new things to keep in mind to encourage teams. First, the "training in the ring" rule has been modified to include anything and everything for a full 60 seconds. While previously NADAC allowed you to train only one thing, now you can train as many things as you want, or make repeated efforts at one thing if you want, as long as you stay within the time limit and are working positively. A great way to work on convincing your dog that 2o2o is a great idea or that start line stays can be a good thing. Training in the ring will not allow for a qualifying run, but working on a behavior and/or training in a real competition environment can be priceless.

Additionally, NADAC now allows grandfathering in from other venues. Meaning if you are at a high level of competition you can transfer over to NADAC and continue to run at the higher level of competition. Thus, if you have a dog competing at the Excellent level in another venue, you do not have to start at the Novice level as was required previously in NADAC. Please refer to and click on the "News" link to learn more!

This trial will also offer the Intro level, which is a fantastic way to bring in a dog entirely new to competition or to play with an older dog that perhaps doesn't need to run a strenuous and longer course.

Please go to for the trial premium and more information.

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