April General Meeting: Limited Virtual Test

Janey Wilcox

Hi all,

Obviously we had to cancel the April 26th general meeting,
BUT....we're going to do a Limited Virtual Test Meeting on Tues, Apr 21 at 6pm.

We are going to limit the number of members at this virtual test to 10.
The reason for that is there are bugs to be worked out, and sometimes people need help getting set up. It would take too much time to help a large number of people get set up. However, if the interest is great, and the meeting goes well, we can certainly hold another virtual meeting.

Just remember there's a general meeting in June in Auburn which we hope will be a go, and a summer picnic/meeting/30th Anniversary celebration in July that we also hope will be a go. See the website for a list of scheduled meetings for the rest of the year.

Here is how the virtual test meeting will work:
  1. RSVP to me (Janey) by Sunday evening (4/19); members will be taken on a first come basis and if there's more than 10, I'll start a wait list & future interest list.
  2. I will need your email address in order to send you an invite/link
  3. The platform we are using is Zoom. You do not need to have a Zoom account or have Zoom downloaded to participate.
  4. Laptops & iPads are probably better than phones. We won't be able to help you if you log in on a phone. But if you know what you're doing - go for it!
  5. You will need a camera and a microphone on your computer.
  6. Log in time will be 6pm and we'll spend about 15 minutes getting anyone who needs help set up, then begin the meeting.
  7. When you click on the link and enter the Zoom meeting you will be muted. We will unmute you one at a time to help you, so please be patient. During the meeting you will be on mute. After each topic (Finances, Trials, etc), we will unmute everyone and let you ask questions or make comments. The reason for this is that it's very disruptive during an online meeting to have several people talking at once. We do want to hear you and we will take questions comments through out and open it up at the end.
Thanks all!

Janey Wilcox
Rainier Agility Team